Go Team Tony!

Welcome to Team Tony, where soap and suds meet sequins and spins! Tony, the soap maestro behind Ope! It's Soap, has bravely swapped his lather for leather (dance shoes, that is) to strut his sudsy stuff on Dancing With The Eau Claire Stars. We're rallying the bubbliest bunch around to support our sudsy sensation as he foxtrots and sambas his way to bubbly stardom!

Every ticket you snag isn't just a seat—it's a decibel in the soap symphony that will echo through the halls of the Pablo's RCU Theater! Let's pack the place to capacity, folks! Tony's counting on us to fill his section with such uproarious cheers that even the judges will break out their 10-point paddles.

So, grab your tickets, grab your friends, and let's lather up the applause for Tony like never before! Together, we'll make sure Team Tony shines brighter than a freshly polished soap bubble under the disco ball. Let the dance-off begin! All proceeds benefit the Eau Claire Children's Theater!